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Royalty Update: Sundance Music Catalogue - Payout #1

Royalty payout ID013 - 12 September 2022

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The Sundance Music Catalogue (ID013) received DKK 196,483.22 as digital distribution royalties for the reference period of January 2022 - March 2022 (Q1 2022), as well as DKK 190,783.13 for the reference period of April 2022 - June 2022 (Q2 2022), from The Orchard (Sundance Music’s digital distributor, excluding Asia).

Additionally, the catalogue received DKK 11,942.00 from S2S (the digital distributor in Japan) and DKK 8,308 from C&L (the digital distributor in Korea) for the reference period of Q1 2022.

On top of the above, the catalogue earned DKK 86,551.73 (Q1 2022) and DKK 96,961.46 (Q2 2022) from Ifpi-Gramex as royalties from neighboring rights. Finally, the catalogue collected DKK 6,886.65 from MPO (the Danish music producers’ collective management organization) as an addition for neighboring rights royalties generated in 2018.

The auction for this catalogue was completed on May 11th 2022. With the catalogue listing concluded intra-quarter, investors are exclusively entitled to receive royalties that were collected after the auction completion, referring to the adjusted total amount of DKK 106,972.85 from The Orchard (partial Q2 2022) and DKK 6,886.65 (MPO 2018 integration), for a total of DKK 113,859.50 or €14,801.74.

ANote Music investors are receiving €740.09, corresponding to the 5% of the catalogue listed, pro-quota to the percentage owned into the catalogue. The DKK/EUR rate at the time of writing is equal to 0.13

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