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Royalty Update: MRI Selection Catalogue - Payout #2

Royalty payout ID011 - 21 June 2022

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The tracks included in the MRI Selection Catalogue (ID011) generated US$218,963.50 in royalties during the reference period of January 2022 – June 2022 (Q1 & Q2 2022). 

The auction for the catalogue was completed on November 11th, 2021. Investors on the platform are entitled to royalties for US$7,663.72, corresponding to the 3.50% of the catalogue listed on the platform. 

The previous royalty payout - which took place in March 2022 and accounted for royalties generated in Q4 2021 - included proceeds matured by the MRI Catalogue in the pre-auction phase, accounting for US$3,597.07 (US$102,773.47 for the whole catalogue). As investors are entitled to only receive royalties collected after the auction closes, the current payout has been adjusted to US$3,610.97.

As a result, ANote Music investors are receiving €3,371.31 for this second payout, completing the payout for H1 2022 according to the total generated royalties. The figures are based on a 1.07 EUR/USD exchange rate, which takes into account the exchange rate at the time of payout (1.05 EUR/USD) and the banking transaction fees.

Note: the current adjustment is only necessary to align royalties generated with the correct listing period, and investors are still receiving a total of US$9,657.97 over the two payouts distributed in the platform.

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